We’ve made it to our first year anniversary and boy has it been a quick one! I just want to thank every single one of you that has supported Complete Xbox to get it to where it is today. First of all, the viewers who regularly come to our site to read our articles of interest and secondly our team of writers, who provide content to read.

Recently we’ve had a period of inactivity, which isn’t where I want us to be at, but I’m doing my best to put things right now and I’m trying to establish better things for the site. I’d also like to thank the publishers and developers who have supported the site with press releases and review material. Recently we had the privilege to review LEGO Marvel Avengers from Warner Bros, which was a fantastic title I personally recommend.

For the future, I want to take the title in securing more AAA titles and more. I would love to review more hardware on the site in particular and that’s something I’m trying to secure in the near future. I’m also stepping up our social media presence and want to get some more giveaways going again like we had before, so watch this space!

Once again thanks everyone for the support! I really can’t thank you enough.

Additionally you can support us financially if you so wish, but by all means this isn’t a request. Donations most welcome here.


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