A few hours ago, Major Nelson let us know that there’s going to be a few new games added to backwardscompatibility. In fact, they’re available now!

Xbox owners can look forward to playing The Darkness, XCOM: Declassified and, just in case you wanted to put yourself through it again, or see why everyone was hating on it, Duke Nukem Forever.

The Darkness is an interesting FPS from Starbreeze Studios. Players follow the story of Jackie Estacado as he discovers his body is hosting a demon hell-bent on death and destruction. Imbued with demonic powers to complement traditional FPS gameplay this one is worth a look. It’s also currently going for £2.99!

XCOM: Declassified is a different take on the traditional XCOM experience. Doing away with the turn based gameplay and turning it into a 3rd person Squad shooter was a bold move. I personally didn’t play it, but it reviewed well enough. Once again, this is in the sale for £2.99.

Duke Nukem Forever – well we don’t need to say much about this do we. Stuck in development hell for over a decade before Gearbox got their hands on, it released to tepid reviews and an abject reception from players. I actually enjoyed it despite all the negative press. It didn’t exactly drag Duke into modern times and the crass humour didn’t sit well with the majority, but it is what it is. This is also in the sale and is going for £3.99 if you want to see what all the fuss was about.

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