Two new games have been added to the backwards compatibility program on Xbox One. Microsoft have announced that Rumble Roses XX and Zone of the Enders HD have been added right now.

Releasing ZotE HD is a pretty clever from Microsoft as the PS4 remaster of ZotE: 2nd Runner was released just last week. Granted we don’t have the nice shiny new visuals that PS4 players will get to enjoy, and the Xbox HD releases were a bit of a broken mess, but hey it’s two games and you might already have it.

Rumble Roses XX is an all female wrestling game originally released in 2006 for the Xbox 360. Think Dead or Alive with more wrestling and just as much focus on the female form. It’s definitely an acquired taste and didn’t review particularly well on release but you might be a fan who wants to revisit it.

At the time of writing, ZotE HD isn’t available for download so tracking down a copy could be challenging. Rumble Roses is currently going for £11.99.

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