Grinding Gear Games has released a new free expansion for their their award-winning Free to play RPG, Path of Exile. Dubbed Blight, the expansion can now be downloaded on Xbox One and brings a touch of strategy with additional classic tower defense.

Additionally, the update brings a new NPC, Sister Cassia, who educates the player about the dangerous fungal grows that are spreading through Wraeclast. These growths infect and control the minds of nearby monsters, but Sister Cassia has built a pump that can drain the ichor from the growths to render them harmless. Players must deploy a range of towers to help protect the pump while it does its work.

Blight also adds a wide selection of new skills, items and balance changes such as significant revamps to a few key character archtypes; the Necromancer, the Poison Assassin and the Mine Saboteur.

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