We’ve waited a while for these titles to be announced but Major Nelson has finally revealed the new additions to Game Pass for August.

Starting today, subscribers will have access to Ryse: Son of Rome, Dandara, The Escapists: The Walking Dead, Ruiner, Dead Rising 2, Hitman: Season One and for all of you who still have a Kinect, Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure.

Many of you will likely have Ryse as it was given away as part of Games with Gold but the rest are pretty good additions. Well, maybe not Rush…

Dandara is a metroidvania style action platformer that I know little about. With these types of game being right up my street, I’ll definitely be checking it out.

Ruiner is a cyberpunk, top down action beat-em up type deal where you are sent out to investigate a conspiracy. I played through it a few months ago and enjoyed it despite some hefty difficulty spikes.

The Escapists, for those who don’t know is a prison break simulator. Again, I played the original a while back and it’s fun trying to go about your daily life whilst hatching your escape plan. This time though, it has a delightful zombie twist so I’ll be likely to check it out.

The best news of all though is that I’ll finally be able to see what the rest of Hitman is like as I have only played through Sapienza, Paris and more recently, Marrakech. Time to shave my head again and get out the old fibre wire…

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