With only a few days to go until the release of No Man’s Sky on Xbox One, Hello Games have released a new trailer.

We get a sneak peak at a few new features such as ringed planets and underwater bases as well as the long rumoured multiplayer. Unlike its release on PS4, Sean Murray and his team are keeping the hype to a minimum but NEXT looks to complete the No Man’s Sky experience.

The Xbox release looks like it’s received a new lick of paint and will include all of the previously released updates. Players can look forward to traversing planets in vehicles, setting up home bases and exploring new, more varied planets. The base building will receive a makeover with the addition of new parts and they’ll be bigger than ever before. Multiplayer quests will also be added to give the game some much needed structure. It also looks like we’re getting a new 3rd person camera so we can fully appreciate the cool looking ships we can acquire.

Command freighters are also being added. Players will be able to send smaller craft out into the depths of space from these behemoths so they can explore planets and fight enemies.

I played through the initial release and was taken in by the peaceful pace. I’ll definitely be double dipping so I can explore with my friends come July 24th.

Pre-orders are now live on the Xbox store with the game priced at £39.99.

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