Next week see’s some interesting titles launch, usually the summer month’s go quiet in terms of releases but that isn’t the case at the moment. Check out what’s available below:-

Illusion of L’Phalcia

Xbox Play Anywhere – Experience epic 3D battles and customise characters with runes and gems in a fantasy RPG with an adventure awaiting in search of the legendary Sword of Amal, a legendary treasure said to grant any wish. Ryser and his buddy Cougar will face fateful encounters with both allies and rivals only to find a mysterious truth awaiting at the end of their adventure.


Xbox One X Enhanced – A mesmerising platformer with unusual mechanics where everything is as simple as black and white. It’s a metaphorical game filled with illusions and hidden messages. In the world of Ovivo, black and white exist in harmony by constantly intertwining and replacing each other — they maintain balance. You’ll have to unravel the story of this world, but how you interpret it is completely up to you.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

The official companion game to Season 3 of the hit original series. Play through familiar events from the series while also uncovering never-before-seen quests, character interactions, and secrets while blending a distinctively retro art style with modern gameplay mechanics to deliver nostalgic fun with a fresh new twist.

Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle features two new gameplay experiences: anti-personnel combat and an all-new wall reclamation mode focused on recovering outside territories. Players can choose a leader of their squad, pick out the members they want to include and set out to reclaim the lands from the Titans. Based on the hit anime series “Attack on Titan.”

Hero Express

Xbox One X Enhanced – Play the role of a delivery man and save the absent-minded hero by delivering him his tools. Full of 2D action, fast paced physic-based gameplay, and tons of fun tracks to drive on, Hero Express is the most frenzied driving game out there.

Sea Of Solitude

Embark on a personal journey of a young woman’s loneliness. Set sail across a beautiful and evolving world, where nothing is quite what it seems. Meet fantastical creatures and monsters, learn their stories, and solve challenges. Explore a flooded city, either by boat, on foot, or by swimming through the water itself.

They Are Billions

A steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet where you’ll build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of infected that seek to annihilate the few remaining living humans in a randomly generated world where you’ll find different events, weather, geography, and infected population in each run.

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