Summer is here, and we all love to get out and enjoy the garden, and now’s your opportunity to get those hands grubby, in the world of Trove with the latest update Going Green.

Now’s the time to sow those seeds, harvest those crops, and reap the rewards. Gardening in Trove is now bigger and better, then it has ever been.

New Vegetable and alchemy plants bring variety to your garden, but don’t forget as in real life, your garden requires real love and care, so don’t forget to make sure the plants are in the right areas for sunlight, and most importantly make water them regularly.

The Going Green update, features plants like Qubbage, Unicorn Chard, and Totter Tates, these can be used to craft new consumable food and when you’re all full, you can also use vegetables to craft cosmetics, allies and even new mounts.

It’s not all about vegetables though, there are plenty of alchemy plants which have the potential to yield material resources such as Gem Dust, which help power up your gems. Coveted Chaos Chests will help expand your ever-growing collection of allies and mounts and why not try the Golden Watering Cans out, these help your garden grow faster.

As you walk through your farm, admiring your hard work whilst collecting all those crops ripe for the picking, you may come across something a little unusual in the form of Bobble pod Seeds. These Bobble Pods are a new type of piñata – throw them down, and if you and your closets friends will reap some excellent rewards! These rewards include recipes, seeds, watering cans, and a chance to own your very own Ridable Bobble Pod.

In Trove you may find the need for some new sidekicks, well if this is the case, then Ally Habitats are just what you’re looking for. Plant these homes to attract companions, that stick to your side and grant various stats. Ally Habitats must be planted in Club Worlds but offer a generous neighbourhood. When a new ally emerges from one of these habitats, anyone who visits with high enough gardening skills, can take one home with them.


No update in Trove would be complete without a shiny new dragon to earn and Going Green is no exception. Kahramet, Warden of the Fields, is here to start the summer right! You can craft this beauty with Blossoming Dragon Egg fragments, which can be found in those trusty, tricksy Bobble Pods.

What a huge update, and that’s not all…..

Alongside the Growing Green update, Season 2 of Bomber Royale arrives, complete with new rewards and maps, and aload of small subtle changes that will improve your game.

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