The next patch for the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds has been detailed.

The patch will contain a score of Gameplay and UI fixes but it will also add some new cosmetic items to the game in the ‘Western Military Crate’.

Full patch notes for update #12 are below:

Optimization and Stabilization

  • Partially optimized the vehicle system. The dust effect caused by friction with the ground during driving has especially been optimized, and the vehicle system has been improved in part.

  • Fixed a problem with voice chat that caused some crashes.

  • Grass objects in Erangel have been optimized and will continue to be optimized going forward.


  • Fixed a serious bug that caused vehicles to flip or get airtime for no reason. This includes the three-wheel bike.

  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances the character would be upside down or seated in a strange position when moving seats while riding in vehicles.

  • Player will receive more damage in a vehicle collision. The heavier the vehicle, the greater the damage inflicted upon the player. Also, players are now more likely to die or be knocked out when colliding with a vehicle running at high speed.

  • The vehicle passenger will receive more damage when the vehicle crashes into an obstacle like a wall or tree. When crashing into something at high speed on a smaller vehicle, such as a motorcycle, the player will take much more damage.

  • Fixed issue causing the 4x scope to be excessively reflective.


  • Fixed issue causing certain UI layouts not being properly aligned.

  • Fixed issue of buttons bound to the UI(map, inventory etc.) affecting vehicle operation.

  • Fixed issue of equipment icons not shown properly on the HUD.

  • Fixed issue of LT, RT scrolling not working in the inventory when using controller preset B.

  • Fixed issue of excessive acceleration when the stick is tilted more than a certain angle depending on the R stick acceleration setting.

  • Fixed issue of team member indicators incorrectly showing on the plane

Other Bug Fixes

  • Removed collision of discarded magazine on the floor after reloading.

  • Fixed a cosmetic bug that occurred when characters wore certain clothing or shoes.

  • Fixed issue of fonts breaking up in case of certain languages.

Scheduled fixes for identified issues

  • When changing the deadzone settings in the lobby, the options screen needs to be opened once again for the settings to be reflected. This issue will be fixed soon.

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