One of my favourites from the Xbox 360 was the original State of Decay, so much so I played through YOSE when it launched on Xbox One. Now we have a new trailer showcasing some new gameplay ideas for State of Decay 2.

Due for release on 22nd May, the trailer gives us a better overview of some new mechanics. It also shows some classic gameplay that we can expect upon release.

We will see the return of looting and camp management as well as gathering recruits to maintain bases. New additions look to make combat more streamlined. Weapons will still be of the melee and firearm variety but new combat techniques should make managing the hordes a little easier. I especially like the look of one new ability that sees you able to hurl enemies at each other.

There are also improved graphics as well as proper co-op for those who enjoy slaying zombies with friends.

Have a look at the trailer below for all the goodies and let us know what you think in the comments.

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