Gameplay footage was shown for both Rage 2 and Doom Eternal at Quakecon yesterday.

Rage 2 seems to be channeling it’s inner Mad Max with Avalanche “doubling down” on vehicular combat. Convoys featuring trucks and support vehicles will roam the open world that players will be able to fight. There’s also a selection of vehicles from speedy buggies to more powerful, heavily armed tanks.

We got to see some of the new powers that will be introduced such as the ground slam and a sort of force push power caller Shatter.

Gunplay looks tight and movement looks slick with all sorts of concussion grenade style jumps and quick sidesteps. The wingstick looks to have been upgraded and will track enemies round corners.

We also got an introduction to the new gangs who will populate the wasteland. Each will have unique abilities and provide varying challenges.

Doom on the other hand looks to provide the same sprawling levels as the 2016 reboot.

There are new traversal options available to the player with the introduction of a grappling hook. This can be used to pull yourself towards enemies as well as reach higher platforms. Players also have access to some new parkour abilities that will see them swinging from bars as well as being able to climb walls. Movement looks a little slower this time overall despite all this.

The video itself opens with the classic double barrel shotgun blasting holes in demons. Doomguy now has a new wrist mounted blade to encourage players to engage with the glory kill options. Heads will be shorn from bodies, people will be cut in half and body parts will be removed and used to beat demons to death.

Graphically both titles look incredible. Rage 2 covers various biomes and Doom Eternal appears to be set in a sprawling cityscape covered in all sorts of detritus inspired by hell. We also get to see some of the classic darkened metal hallways.

Personally I think Rage looks like the better game but provided Doom plays as well as the reboot we’re in for a treat regardless.

Both titles are set to release in 2019 and I look forward to more information appearing.

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