Rockstar have just released brand new gameplay footage for Red Dead Redemption 2 and it looks exceptional.

In it we get a good look at the expansive environment, gunplay and an introduction to the game world as a whole.

Player engagement with the world looks to be much more in depth with players being given the opportunity to react to events in a variety of ways.

No longer will you rely solely on your gun to settle disputes. Now you’ll be able to threaten NPCs, defuse tense situations or go for some good old physical violence. You’ll also look to interact with the locals as well as build relationships with the gang who will provide additional missions and information.

Not only do you have to build a relationship with the gang members but also you’re trusty steed. Depending on how you treat it, you’ll see improvements in the animals trust levels. Different horses will also have different uses so you’ll need to plan wisely when deciding which one to use.

Hunting has been greatly expanded upon with the player being expected to track wounded animals and cart the corpses back to camp.

Dead Eye makes a return and as a whole the gun play has been massively overhauled. Weapons will now have realistic reloading and recoil patterns in an effort to make it more realistic than ever before.

The world itself looks massive. We were treated to huge open plains, deserts, swamps, mountains and snowy environments. Deformable terrain is a new addition and the tracks left in the snow look incredible. The brief glimpse we had at the weather effects shows great improvement over the original.

There’s lots more covered by the narrator so I recommend giving it a look. A further gameplay trailer should be with us some time before release on 26th October.

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