The Bearded Ladies are expanding their tactical adventure game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden with the all-new Seed of Evil DLC! The game is based on the pen-and-paper role playing game Mutant Year Zero, where the Earth lies in ruins after nuclear war, deadly pandemics and global climate change have wiped out most of humankind.

You play as a group of mutants trying to survive in this hostile environment. They have made their home atop a bridge from the old world and called it the Ark.  With an incredibly rich world to draw upon from the roleplaying game and a new exciting story to tell with Seed of Evil, there’s never been a better time to jump in to Mutant Year Zero.

The mutants face an all new threat this time, and it has even managed to invade their precious Ark. Invasive roots have suddenly started growing all around, and they seem to have infected the dangerous Zone Ghouls found in the area. The malicious roots have even affected many of your fellow mutants in the Ark, making them behave in strange ways and they are taking over more and more each day.

You must make your way into the wilderness and discover the source of this new threat. Luckily, you encounter a veteran stalker, Big Khan the Moose, who wants to team up with you. He is excellent at dealing with groups of enemies with his fire breathing mutation, and he can even damage opponents and bring down covers and walls by creating earthquakes.

The Bearded Ladies found inspiration with ease for Seed of Evil in the Mutant Year Zero RPG-setting. With such a heavily mutated world, full of interesting creatures and scenarios, we have so much material to work with for creating hours of new content full of challenging tactical combat.

Seed of Evil continues the story where Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden left it and introduces a new chapter where you face fresh challenges with new combat mechanics. Evolve the mutations of your playable characters even further and find cool group combinations with a total of seven mutants to choose from!

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