Embrace Your Destiny as the Daughter of the God of Death in This Immersive First-Person Action Game, Featuring Spellcrafting, Fast-Paced Hybrid Combat, and Co-Op Play

Shadowfall Studios is excited to announce its debut title, “The Nightscarred: Forgotten Gods”, planned for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. This groundbreaking title brings a fresh approach to the immersive first-person action genre, combining a powerful spellcrafting system with hybrid combat mechanics that allow players to wield crafted magical abilities and melee weapons independently. With its rich Turkic mythology setting, players will explore a rarely seen lore in the gaming market.

“Our top priority is to give players freedom on how they want to play in this immersive action experience”, says Shadowfall Studios’ Co-founder and Gameplay Programmer, Doğa Can Yanıkoğlu. “In The Nightscarred: Forgotten Gods, we give players the ability to craft their own magical abilities, and leave them the creativity of how to combine them with melee combat mechanics. The best part? You can do that either alone, or with your friend in co-op playthrough.”

Key Features of The Game:

1. Fast-Paced Hybrid Combat:

  • Choose your playstyle: run, kick, cast spells, sneak, and defeat enemies using various creative methods.
  • Independently use magical abilities and melee weapons, maintaining full control over each during gameplay.
  • Enjoy unrestricted movement capabilities, allowing you to perform offensive abilities while on the move.

2. Spellcrafting:

  • Craft your own spells using runes gathered during gameplay.
  • Combine runes to create unique spells within Nightscarred’s hybrid combat system.
  • Modify imbuement types, casting methods, and additional stats to tailor spells to your playstyle.

3. Unique & Dynamic World:

  • Immerse yourself in an unprecedented lore based on the ancient shamanic world of Turkic mythology.
  • Navigate dynamic environments, solve physics-based puzzles, and uncover hidden secrets.
  • Utilize your telekinesis ability to manipulate physical objects (and sometimes enemies) to your advantage.

4. Co-Op Play:

  • While the game can still be played solo, the story is also tailored for 2-player co-op playthroughs.
  • Invite your friends and experience the story in the most enjoyable way.

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