One of the first things I wrote about way back when I started here was a little Dark Souls looking game called Sinner Sacrifice for Redemption.

In fact I’ve mentioned it a few times since my initial release date article. May came and went, things went quiet and then a few weeks ago we got a new release date. I’m happy to say that Sinner has now launched on Xbox One (as well as Switch, PS4 and PC). Good news for those with a tighter budget is that it’s also released on Game Pass. I’m downloading it now and will have my thoughts up once I have it reviewed.

Following the story of Adam on his journey of redemption, players will fight bosses based around the deadly sins. The twist here though, is that rather than getting stronger as the game progresses you will sacrifice skills, stats and weaponry.

Sinner is a boss rush game that’s styled around Dark Souls boss encounters as well as it’s general aesthetic. Think Furi but with less neon and you’re on the right track.

The game is also available to buy for the princely sum of £15.74.

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