THQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment have delayed demolition derby title Wreckfest until 2019 for Xbox One, with the reason given for extra polishing.

Senior producer at THQ Nordic, Roger Joswig said the below:

“Wreckfest for consoles will only be released as soon as we love playing it. After the fantastic release on PC, the benchmark for the console release is much higher. At this moment, the team needs more time to polish the multiplayer part, as well as the overall performance on the game to bring it up to par with the experience on PC.”

If you haven’t seen Wreckfest before, it’s all about racing cars with your friends with the added chaotic option to completely annihilate opponent’s cars off the track. Think Burnout but with more realism in terms of the damage dealt visually and physically to cars.

Having played the PC version I’m looking forward to this one, although slightly disappointed with a delay into next year now, as plenty other racers could fill that void now on Xbox.

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