Microsoft has confirmed a Sky TV app is coming very soon to Xbox One.

No official date was announced to Eurogamer by UK Xbox marketing chief Harvey Eagle, but he did say that it is “coming soon” and in the works.

I for one have questioned its absence, especially when its on Xbox 360 and PS4 already, of course you’ll probably need the £5 Sky Go Extra subscription as well.

Next up though is the Cortana functionality, which is due for preview members before the end of the year.

1 thought on “Sky TV coming to Xbox One soon”
  1. I was wondering this myself, I never had it on the Xbox 360, but I did notice an advert, advertising the Sky Go App for PS4, and I was wondering why isn’t there one on Xbox One, I think I pay for Sky Go Extra, so that’s fine, another App is Plex, because right now you have to pay some kind of subscription service, but I read that may change when they have a Universal Windows 10 App.

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