Undead Labs have confirmed that State of Decay 2 will launch with enhancements for the Xbox One X.

Speaking with IGN First, Jeff Strain, the studio head for Undead labs has this to say on what the Xbox One X enhancements would entail:

“There are significant visual enhancements we’re able to deliver thanks to the Xbox One X. Extra memory and greater processing power gives us a more stable frame rate and let’s us do more with higher resolution textures. When you’re in the game, you’ll immediately see the difference — denser foliage, detailed shadows, depth of light from farther distances, and more detailed character models. It makes the world feel more crisp, vibrant, and like real life. And of course, it lets us run the game in 4K and HDR, which a lot of fans are excited about.”

State of Decay 2 will launch on May 22nd for Xbox One.  If you are a Xbox Game Pass member, then you can also download and play State of Decay 2 on launch day as part of your Game Pass subscription.

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