Hot on the heels of the closed beta earlier this month, The Crew 2 Open Beta will run from 21-25th June. Interested players will be able to download the game this weekend and experience the thrills and spills across the entire expanse of the US.

The beta will launch at around 9am on Thursday and is set to close at sometime on Sunday night/Monday morning.

If you want to get prepared nice and early you can pre-load the beta now by searching for The Crew 2 on the Xbox store. But be prepared for a meaty download of about 24GB. You’ll also need a Gold subscription if you want to take part. This is an online multiplayer bets after all.

Players can expect to get access to a variety of cars, boats and planes that cover various motorsport disciplines.

We can look forward to street racing through the bright lights of Vegas, explore the caves and wetlands of Maine, race powerboats on the Colorado Rapids, Raid Rally through the countryside and perform aerial feats in the skies above. Throughout all of this we’ll also need to deal with dynamic weather that impacts handling and control.

The game will release on June 29th on Xbox, PC and PS4 so jump in then let us know what you think about the beta in the comments below.

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