Team17 recently just celebrated their 25 year anniversary and now they’re bringing Santa’s Sweatshop to The Escapists as free festive DLC.

The DLC will drop on December 8th for free, think of it as a nice early Christmas present.

After suffering Santa’s tiring regime for 20 years, you decide to give Santa a taste of his own medicine by escaping his sweatshop once and for all.

The add-on features the following:

  • All new items and craftables to really get you in to the Christmas spirit!
  • Christmas themed level, jobs, characters and dialogue to get you through your working day!
  • Get festive – despite the fact your poor elf fingers are worked to the bone!
  • Fresh and festive soundtrack to soak up as you plot your escape!
  • All new achievements/trophies for you to track down as well as the possibility of topping the Leaderboard!

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