Whilst writing for this great publication and others, I have met many fantastic people throughout the gaming community, Some I’ve gamed with for well over 15 years. Every Thursday we party up and we play a selected game from GamePass and welcome people to join us, not just from within the Completexbox community, but from all over the world.

I have got to know Thistle’Do Gaming collectively via another source, the awesome Gamer’s Watch Crew Podcast (check them out here – Completexbox.co.uk Recommends – Gamers Watch Podcast – Complete Xbox they are fantastic), and have welcomed them into the Completexbox community. Thistle’Do Gaming are regular attendees of our Thursday GamePass nights, and generally really good people to hang and chat with. However, there’s another thing they are extremely talented at besides gaming, and that is – making great YouTube content!


Thistle’Do Gaming’s YouTube channel is the best kept secret in gaming, except I can’t keep them a secret, because they are hugely entertaining and you should go check them out, watch a video or two, leave a comment and of course subscribe. It would be criminally insane not to!


Here’s a little intro to Thistle’ Do Gaming’s latest video, and below that – the content itself!

Welcome to an all-new series called Thistle’Do Vs! In these videos we will play select multiplayer games against other creators, some friends of the channel or maybe just against the world. We hope you also have as much fun watching as we had playing. In this video PaulTyre and ZoKinns take on the World in Chivalry 2 during the Tenosian Invasion. Thanks for Watching!”



So, What’s Thistle’Do Gaming all about?


Join PaulTyre, ZoKinns, and ScobbieWan – three fabulously talented individuals in a fun, community-focused gaming content channel on YouTube.

Check out some of their other series, such as Paul by Himself, Zoinnks, Don’t Stop the Co-op!, and Game in 600.

Every Wednesday at 5 PM GMT, Thistle’Do Gaming publishes fresh content, so make sure you click that notification bell!


You can find Thistle’Do via the following links

(103) Thistle’Do Gaming – YouTube





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