During EA’s conference, they have announced Unravel Two with immediate launch today on Xbox One.

This time around you can bring a friend  to join Yarny, as you take a heartfelt platforming journey full of beautiful environments, seamless acrobatics, and new dangers.

Just like in the first game, you play as Yarny, a small magical character made from a single piece of yarn. But this time you play as two different Yarnys whose ties to the past have been severed, and now they’re joined together by one loose thread. You can control both Yarnys yourself and explore the story on your own or grab a friend and swing into local co-op.

Unravel Two is designed to let friends join in anytime, so if you’re halfway through and a buddy comes to visit, they can jump right into the action with you.

Unravel Two Screenshot

Together with the Yarnys, you journey through Scandinavian-inspired environments and complex cityscapes, using yarn to solve physics-based puzzles and pass obstacles. One Yarny can swing from the other to cross a gap, build a yarn bridge for the other to jump on or use the environment to catapult the other onto a far-off ledge. These Yarnys are also more athletic than their red cousin from the first Unravel, so wall-jumping, wall-sliding, and swimming come naturally to them. It’s all wrapped in a story of friendship and the ties that bind us.

After washing up on an abandoned island, you’ll explore the memories of two young people scattered through a lighthouse at its center. Your job is to help the pair find something important that’s gone missing: a mysterious “spark” that you pursue through the world. These two only have each other (much like the Yarnys themselves), and through your adventure, you learn more about the bond that holds them together.

Unravel Two Screenshot

But they’re running from something, and it’s after you, too: creeping shadow creatures that dissolve any Yarny they touch. Yarnys aren’t fighters, so you’ll have to do everything you can to stay out of their way. Dodging and running is your best bet, but sometimes even that’s not enough and hiding is your only option. Those monsters aren’t the only danger you face, either – the world is full of falling rocks, deadly machines, and hungry birds that can cut your adventure short. You’ll need to rely on all your skills and the bond the Yarnys share to make it through.

If you’re looking for an extra challenge, wander off the main path and put your abilities to the test in special bonus maps hidden throughout the lighthouse. These maps are full of obstacles meant to exercise your mind and reflexes, from complex puzzles to deadly speed trials to jumping puzzles where one missed hop can spell doom for you and your friend. Other unfortunate Yarnys are trapped in these levels, and by rescuing them you can earn new patterns to customize your main characters. Visit the “Appearance” tab on the menu screen anytime and try out different heads, eyes, bodies, and colors of yarn – everyone has a Yarny, and you can use Unravel Two to create yours.

Download the game from the Xbox store today. A truly wonderful surprise from EA.

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