Four days into its crowdfunding campaign, Wasteland 3 has hits its funding target of $2.75 million in a mere three days.

It’s safe to say the game has a large following amongst gamers and is a popular choice for apocalyptic strategy hunters, as you assume the role of a lone survivor from Ranger squad Team November. Set in the icy wasteland of Colorado, there will be the chance to find cool tech and explore the ruins of the state.

CEO of InXile Entertainment, Brain Fargo had this to say on the awesome support.

“Wasteland 3 represents the most ambitious title that we have crowdfunded so far,” said Brian Fargo, CEO of developer inXile Entertainment. “We wouldn’t be here without our fans and backers carrying the torch and we want to continue to repay them by making the best role-playing games possible. With Wasteland 3 we aim to over-deliver like never before.”

Go check out the crowdfunding page here and commit your support if you really want to.

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