Codemasters have shown off gameplay footage featuring eight sweet minutes of racing to the limit for its new title ONRUSH with Xbox Achievements.

The title comes from former Evolution Studios, the team that brought you MotorStorm which is clear to see its intense gameplay and destructive racing.

Not only that but ONRUSH has strong influences from Criterion’s Burnout series with high speed boosting and epic crash scenes you’d typically associate with the franchise.

ONRUSH features a number of modes one of which has you racing for the number 1 position in a 12 versus 12 drop in/drop out multiplayer mode called Overdrive. Alternatively there’s also Countdown mode which has you keeping your timer filled by driving through a series of checkpoints.

ONRUSH racing action

2 other modes have been confirmed so far but were not shown in the demo footage later on.

By building your boost, you earn ten-seconds of ‘Rush’ speed over time, simultaneously giving your chosen chosen vehicle (with 8 in total) a fire trail, a slam, a devastating attack that wipes out the pack or helpful buffs for your teammates.

Catch all the racing action below.

ONRUSH crosses the line on Xbox One on 5th June 2018. Thoughts?

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