For those who are a part of the Xbox Insiders program, which involves testing out new Xbox One updates before they go live to the general public, a new ‘Alpha-Skip Ahead’ ring has now become available to join.

If you are in the current Alpha Ring of the Insider program then you will now be able to enroll your console in the new Skip Ahead ring.

The ‘Alpha-Skip Ahead’ ring will allow gamers to test new updates even sooner than before, with the updates tested usually being several months out from release to the general public. The addition of this new ring will allow Xbox Insiders to play a much larger role in shaping these new builds before release thanks to the feedback they provide.

Of course being part of this new ring does mean that some updates will be more unstable than ones in the lower rings. If however you no longer want to be in the new ‘Alpha-Skip Ahead’ ring, the option is always there to enroll your console in lower ring or to even remove it from the Xbox Insider program completely.

Personally I have been a member of the Xbox Insider program since day one and it has been an excellent experience. Testing new builds and providing feedback on them is something I really enjoy doing, especially if it helps provide better updates to fellow gamers when they go live to the wider public.

For more info on the Xbox Insider program then head over and check out Xbox Wire.

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