Wouldn’t it be great to enter a world free off worries, a world so simple and peaceful? Sounds perfect right? Well pick up the controller and load up Ascendance – First Horizon, a calming experience in an enigmatic world, full of wonder and peace.

One Vision Games takes you on an enchanting journey in Ascendance, an adventure that is relaxing and uplifting.  Experience a mysterious minimalist world as you look to make your ascent above the clouds and beyond, the skies the limit.

Ascendance is a 3D platformer captured with a first-person view. The aim to ascend and explore, unlock new ways to reach the higher levels, as you admire the beauty and the creativity of the surroundings around you.

The relaxing nature of the game brings with it a carefree attitude, and wonderous chill-out atmospheric feel, as you look to shape your path using the bewildering abilities available to you.

Use the enchanted wind platforms, as you look to glide to higher heights and reach the next crystal-like gem to unearth the next platforms. Watch them rise, as you look for new ways to move upwards and progress.

As your tranquil adventure unfolds and your mind reaches zen state, you will notice the subtle changes that are happening all around you, as the world evolves and transforms.

Ascendance is a platformer’s dream of reaching the unobtainable heights, in an ever-changing world, watch as the landscape changes in front of your eyes and the 3D ledges rise, as you try to reach what seems like the outer-limits.  Nature evolves as does your forage into the clouds, as you encounter the different ages of our world.

Ascendance is a world filled with colour, a vibrant spectacle with low poly aesthetics. A simple peaceful environment in which the player can play at there own pace. Ascendance feels like a platformers dream, a playground for climbing and plotting your next way to scale the next height.

“Ascendance is visually unique and has several astonishing surprises for you throughout.”

The atmospheric feel is enhanced by a spellbinding soundtrack which is appealing and suits the nature of the games style and its hidden secrets that are on offer, as the smooth platforming takes over and the flying gameplay excels.

Ascendance is visually unique and has several astonishing surprises for you throughout with One Vision games proposing future updates and even the possibility of a time mode, which would make for an exciting climbing experience with a more energetic direction.

The games level design is a thing of beauty, aesthetically pleasing on the eye, and perfect for the experience of a transforming world that evolves around you. I love the game’s style of direction, a game that you can pick and play at your own speed. A game that inspires thoughtful thinking, rather than rash decision making.

The controls are quite simple, easy to learn, and are on point for a game that offers no thrills, just a relaxing experience. The glide and climbing mechanics work effortlessly and the game flows very nicely, capturing the concept of the game.

On to the Experience itself and dare I say it, the let-down……. As much as I like the mood that the game sets and the idea of a tranquil experience that fills you with a nice warmth, a relaxing sense, a zen state of mind if you will, it doesn’t capture you. There’s something missing, the game needs to hold your attention and to be honest it doesn’t. To be frank, there’s not very much to do and as much as the game is attractive, there’s no charm, nothing that hooks you, to keep you coming back for more.

The gameplay is too simple and a little disappointing giving an anti-climactic feel. For me Ascendance offers no more then a climbing experience, and although there is indeed a soul to the game there’s no substance.

CX Score
  • 38%
    Overall - 38%



  • Concept
  • Play at your own place
  • Control Mechanics


  • Little to do
  • Experience doesn’t capture you
  • Lacks substance

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