Couch play is back, and the competition is heating up, so invite your friends over, grab a controller and may your butt reign supreme!

Couch play titles are certainly making a comeback, and why not. After all it’s fun to have a party title in your collection. As a gamer it can sometimes be a lonely experience physically, yes there’s hundreds of games to play online and share an experience across Xbox Live, but sometimes you just can’t replace that good old-fashioned laughter and competition on the couch.

Sharing a game with a loved one, flat mates, or friends all in the same house can make for an awesome game night, and a fabulous bonding experience.

I for one love to bring out a game that the whole family can enjoy from time to time. The joy and laughter that comes with it is second to none. Brief Battles is one of those titles, that even a non-gamer can pick up and play, and instantly have a good time.

Juicy Cupcake have produced a couch play party title filled with mini games in the form of Brief Battles. A game full of cheeky action, armed with nothing but your butt (at first) as you look to slam and squash your adversaries face. Use your climbing skills as you look to get out the way with some excellent wall climbing action, and then scramble to the unique power ups in the shape of under pants. These super charged pants pack a potent punch with some awesome fire power as you battle it out with up to 4 players in local action, as you look to reign supreme and claim the title king of the briefs.

Brief Battles is filled with some excellent ideas, the multiplayer action is hilarious, fast and nibble, which makes for some awesome mayhem across a variety of modes, ranging from some classic point scoring action ( points obtained by draining the health of another player) to some obscure yet entertaining underpants-themed game modes.

There are plenty of solo and co-op challenges on offer too, as you look to improve your butt bombs, and hone your skills as you embrace your pant wearing talents. Perfect for getting to grips with the games mechanics and improving your strategies.

In Brief Battles there are 6 cartoon style characters, each with their own adorable look, full of plumpness, and just as wobbly. The character’s look like charming sweet lovable little things, totally equal in terms of skill set, so it really is a pick based on just look and feel. The character’s can be customised in the form of neat little crossover skins if you’re into that sort of thing.

With in the battles themselves besides using your butt, there are several powered up undies placed around the map of the arena. These super charged undies make for some explosive action, as you look to take your foes out with your new pants.

The super-powered undies produce plenty of laughs and really do liven up the pace and enjoyment of the game. The new found underwear are identified by different colours, and have some awesome abilities and ridiculous names that will have you giggling uncontrollably, as you don the toxic tighty-whities and shoot green goo at your opponents, or try the flaming hot pants on for size, allowing you to shoot fire bombs (must have had a curry the night before), or why not give the buns of steel ago for the ultimate hit by the arse cheeks shot! Pure entertainment right there!

Brief Battles features 50 unique attractive 2.5D battle arena’s with dangerous hazards, across 5 different regions, perfect for totally random fun and chaos. The battle arenas are excellently designed and created, the hazards are of simple design and well thought out. The idea of wall running, and climbing is a nice touch, and the little portal ideas add to the fast and furious nature of the gameplay.

The controls are smart and nibble and very responsive, Easy to learn, and perfect for a pick-up and play title. The firing system is a joyful delight, wonderful for the frantic and engaging action.

Gameplay wise, Brief Battles hits the nail on the head. Its fast frenzy action is perfect for the style of play, and genre. Battles will be filled with laughter and have you on the edge of your seat. Brief Battles, captures the competitive side of couch play perfectly, levelling the playing field in an instant with some stupendous power ups, that will have you wetting yourself as you take out your opponent with your buttocks.

The game has a nice variety of modes too, add to that the challenges on offer, and there’s plenty to do should the numbers drop.

Brief Battles is just pure fun fun fun!!! The theme of battling in your underpants is a rather unique idea, with some awesome explosive power up ideas, that really do raise the heat in the house. Addictive, fierce action that will have kids jumping for joy, and you changing tact, as things get serious and you find your bum shuffling to the edge of the seat!

CX Score
  • 72%
    Overall - 72%



  • Addictive
  • Excellent Concept
  • Awesome power ups


  • No live options
  • Needs unlockables

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