Strawberries and cream anyone? For too long tennis fans have been deprived a tennis title on Xbox one, and then several come along just like buses. Whilst the others take the serious approach following the current tennis circuit in real life, Super Tennis Blast takes the fantasy route, but I can assure you, there is still a tennis game under the hood and tennis is tennis right?

Unfinished Pixel have served up an ace and brought Super Tennis Blast to Xbox. A fun take on Tennis that will have you smashing the ball across the court in no time and having a real blast full of enjoyment and cuteness. Unfinished Pixel have captured the heart and soul, in an enchanting yet captivate arcade title, featuring simulator elements which make it the perfect title to hit the court with.

Why not embrace your inner self, and roll back the years, we all fancied ourselves as the next tennis star, well now’s the chance to pick up your tennis racket (in the form of your controller) and reclaim who is king of the court from within your own living room.

Invite some friends over or battle it out with the family with perfect couch play fun, be it in singles competition or doubles. Super Tennis Blast has everything, from your official tennis rules to your wacky awesome Super blast modes, with ever changing court dimensions and an uncontrollable net that feels a live. However, things can also become serious quickly with a lovely tournament mode, and if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a professional Tennis Pro, now’s your chance with a fantastic career mode in the form of World tour. Don your white’s pick up the racket, hit the training court, hone your skills, and become the tennis legend of your dreams, as you travel across the globe and take on the very best Super Tennis Blast has to offer in the hope of reaching the title of world number one!

Super Tennis Blast with its quirky, cartoon approach is cute and refreshing, instantly dropping the barriers and welcomes everyone to a tennis title that some might see as not their cup of tea.

As the title screens load and the graphical colours are exhibited, you instantly feel a real warmth, add to that the energetic soundtrack behind the game and the mood is set, this game is not just your ordinary tennis sim. The Vibrant Colours, the cartoon theme, and the catchy sound gives you the sense of a Japanese anime style production, and your thoughts begin to gather, just what does this game have to offer, with an added perception of wackiness thrown in for good measure. With all this from just the opening screens and menu’s you know your in for a good time.

This Tennis Gem is packed with game modes, from your standard single player matches, to some awesome couch play fun, with up to 4 player’s co-op on the same court. Super Tennis Blast also features mini games too, just in case you wanted to change up the pace and add to the competitive nature that a game of tennis can bring. Add to that some awesome game modes, with some very changing elements in Super Blast, and you have a title that excels in providing enjoyment.

Super Blast mode, features two different games, where the tennis courts size changes constantly, be it by the court shifting sideways, or by the narrowing or constant change of the courts length, it makes for some interesting tennis, and some excellent rallies.

Now think of your standard game of tennis and how you could make it a little more challenging and fun at the same time. Well in Super blast mode, the developers have definitely thought outside of the box with a living net that forms all shapes and sizes, offering some fantastic possibilities and frustrating shot blocks, it all builds the excitement that is on offer with in Super Tennis Blast.

Super Tennis Blast can also play things seriously in an excellent world tour mode, with some adorable looks in what is essentially a tennis sim, with the goal of travelling round the world to obtain legendary status as you climb the ranks and reach world number one. Train your Tennis Avatar in some classic mini games as you look to improve your skill set’s, choose when to enter tournaments or when to stay at home and recuperate. Travel the globe all and play on a whole host of different court’s and styles and enjoy your tournament wins, using the experience and receiving a handy boost to your Tennis stars attributes. This World tour mode enhances the game, and brings it all together, making it a fantastic all-rounder, something you can only hope to be.

Just one last thing I forgot to mention…. this game offers a stupendous and detailed Avatar editor crammed full of customisation. Why not detour from Wimbledon’s rules of all white, and grow a beard and dye it green – yes, it’s not just your outfit you can change, you can change pretty much everything about your appearance, so why not get creative and put your opponent off with fits of laughter as they feast their eyes on your creation.

Super Tennis Blast Is packed with awesome modes. It’s energetic feel mixed with it’s cute visuals is a joy to be hold. The game modes widen the game’s audience, producing an excellent couch play title which is just pure fun and enjoyment. Put a stunning World tour sim in to the mix, perfect for the serious single player and you have it all…. A couch player title, with a fantastic engaging single player mode.

This Tennis Gem is quite simply a blast, and will play the opposition off the court, with its amazing gameplay and all that it has to offer.

CX Score
  • 81%
    Overall - 81%



  • Appeal and fun
  • Variety of game modes
  • Fresh approach to tennis


  • Would have been awesome online

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