Gone are the days of the Xbox catalogue being full of shooters and sports titles. We now have variety as gamers, and long my that continue. ID at Xbox offers choice, and games that compliment that all action triple A title. As gamers we need a bit of downtime after a good session from your Halo’s and Gear’s of this world.  Sometimes you need a game in your library that fills the need when you fancy something light, that can pass the time away.

DayD: Through Time is one of those games, and if you’re a fan of Facebook game titles, then look no further. DayD is about as light as they come, a game to sit back, unwind, play a few levels, and then suddenly realise where the time went, as the game somehow hooked you into playing a few extra levels.

DayD: Through Time has interesting story to it, you play the Role of Brian, and his trusty android creation. Brian is a gifted yet rather eccentric Scientist who has built himself a time machine and travelled in to the past in order to stop his former friend Doctor Terrible, who is already in the past with his special uniquely created device with an enhanced chip, with the power to bring all dinosaurs under his command.

It’s up to you to prevent Doctor Terrible’s evil plan of altering history, stop him from changing crucial events in time, as you embark on a journey through time.

The game is split in to 4 areas. The Jungle, Tropics, Ice age and volcanic. Each area consists of levels, which are presented on a point and click treasure map style. Each level is unique as you race against time to complete the objects that are set. As in games like these, there is a star system for level completion, with the maximum of 3 stars, awarded for quickness.

There’s plenty to do, with a requirement of being quick and nibble with your decisions as you cue up the commands for your robot who collects the raw materials to solve the obstacles that lay in your way.

DayD has a whole host of things to build in order to complete tasks. Crystal mines, Sawmill’s, gold mines, bee hives and even dinosaur pens to construct, in order to tame Dinosaurs so they can help clear the path from foes.

Build bridges, fill in the holes, avoid the swamps, put out the fire and construct portals, in order to help you on your way to achieve those all-important 3 stars.

DayD: Through Time has a strategy element to it too. Paying attention to the objective laid out in front of you at the start of each level will help you to avoid time consuming actions. Sometimes there are alternative ways of getting to the raw materials you require.

Upgrading your building and your time machine are often worth the initial cost of raw materials, as they produce double the amount of key building items

The game’s design is quite simplistic, yet very effective. The screen Is populated with tasks, and the graphics are well drawn, with good use of colours, add to that a catchy soundtrack which sets the tone for a relaxing adventure, with pan pipe effect for calmness.

The controls are well thought out, making use of an excellent point and click system that is very responsive, giving an excellent opportunity for any player of any age to pick up and play.

Strategy elements get the player using their brain, as you search for the quickest route to solving the obstacles that lay in your way.

DayD: Through Time, is a lovely thought out game, simplistic, yet easy on the eye. A game to relax and unwind with, addictive and challenging at the same time. On the downside, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

CX Score
  • 62%
    Overall - 62%



  • Addictive
  • Point and Click
  • A game for all ages


  • Novelty may wear off
  • Repetitive

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