Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try, try to do your best at all costs, and at the current price tag of World Enduro Rally, you’d be crazy not to give it a bash, or would you…..

Developers Graphic DNA have brought their Enduro Rally effort to the Xbox, with a promise of fun and real sense of speed and enjoyment, at a fantastically low price, you can’t complain too much.

World Enduro Rally is quite simplistic in its design and layout, with a big empathises on beating your friends’ times and challenging yourself to improve your own time. Travel across the globe and race in same famous locations, such as the Great wall of china, with the added bonus run of a rally in space.

The games title menu is nice and fresh, with an arcade style presentation. The menu’s selections are simplistic with an option to access the best times from around the world, so that you can track of the competition and reach for the stars.

The menus are colourful, offering transparent instruction’s for how to get the most out of the game, with clear button layout for controller and keyboard devices.

As you embark on your world tour, your first job is to choose the right bike for you from a decent selection of 2 and 4 Stroke bikes such as a 125 EXC, EC 250 and CRF 450R, amongst others. Each bike is labelled with specs’ such as the bikes power ratio, Max speed, and its weight, along with other handy insights as to the particular bikes handling.

Once you’ve made your selection, the next thing to tick off, is to choose your livery colours, not quite as important as the bike choice, but handy to stand out and set the tone, in order to set those fast times, after all Red means go faster doesn’t it!

Next up is the world map. Which is laid out nicely, giving you a real sense of where the game wants to take you, as you get your first look at the locations that you will be visiting.

There are 8 rally’s to conquer and put down a marker for the world and your friends to beat. Each Rally consists of 3 races, with the object to get to the end in the fast time possible. Each race has unique obstacle’s, from bumps, jumps, lifts, and rotating pillars ready to take your head off.

Should you come off your bike or feel the need to reset your ride will result in a time penalty, however you can always redeem yourself by playing to the crowd and pulling of tricks, such as no hands, flips, backflips and your standard wheelie.

Pulling off tricks provides you with that all important bonus of reducing your overall time, so it really does pay to be a show off.

As in most game of this nature, each stage in the rally gets harder as you progress, so expect the third part of each location to be rather challenging to achieve a perfect run.

Complete the world tour and there’s a rather unique bonus rally waiting for you, with its extra challenge of gravity, giving you the excellent opportunity to pull off some rather amazing stunts. But I warn you, the lack of gravity may see you taking off and never coming back down to earth.

World Enduro Rally offer’s a lot of promise from its clearly laid out menu’s and its simplistic controls. The digital graphics are well drawn and offer a real sense of speed, however it’s a bit of mess a times, as it’s not always clear wear the path lays ahead, not to mention stutters at times, with rather unbalanced physics.

The game’s soundtrack, at first gets you rather pumped with it rock metal tune, but quickly becomes annoying as you realise that’s the only tune throughout. The different bikes all sound the same, the only difference between the bikes, is the games side scrolling speed.

The controls hold up well, and the track’s design although it has its issues, gives enough opportunities to have a bit of fun and pull off a whole host of tricks.

The different stages offer a fairly varied number of Obstacles and provides a real sense of a challenge to get to the end in the quickest time possible, but I feel the game drops the ball, in the fact that no matter what your time, you always progress to the next stage.

Where the game excels is the idea of beating your friends’ times, and offering world best efforts to chase down, so there is some replay value to the title. The biggest plus is the game’s 79p (yes that’s right) price tag. At that price you could easily ignore the games faults, have some fun, and at the very worst, earn a bit of game score.

CX Score
  • 46%
    Overall - 46%



  • The Price
  • Challenging yourself
  • Varied obstacles


  • Inconsistent level design
  • Game Physics
  • Sound of bikes are the same

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