Onto episode 2 of Life Is Strange and wow what an action-packed journey it’s been already. We’ve learnt all about Max’s power to rewind time when the going gets tough and how she’s used it to change her future already such as preventing her best friend Chloe from being shot in the bathroom. It was safe to say I was very excited to see where this episode leads.

First things on the agenda was to convince Chloe that your powers are real, which starts off with a quick trip to the diner where Chloe’s mum works. You’ll meet a few interesting characters around the area – something Life Is Strange is renown for. The majority of the episode will have you playing around with your powers, in an almost showing off style in front of Chloe. It’s understandable when they’ve not seen one another for a few years and catching up over a super power to rewind time couldn’t be any cooler right?

Life Is Strange: Episode 2
Stop the train!

The other main focus in this episode is Kate Marsh, who’s on the brink of suicide. It’s a very upsetting storyline, but also one which has to be covered. Once again, it shows how the developers haven’t shied away from touching upon serious subjects. Your decisions will largely play a part in what occurs too, so make sure you choose carefully. If you’re not happy with the outcome, rewind and try something different. I even had a second play through of this episode because there are so many variations of outcomes.

If you enjoyed the first episode then “Out of Time” is definitely worth buying and by now you’ve probably purchased the entire game anyway. I certainly have and can’t wait to see the story unfold and find out what happened to Rachel Amber. I already have my suspect list drawn up.


  • More of the same which is excellent
  • A gripping storyline
  • Lots of different outcomes


  • Sometimes not enough gameplay, so might not interest some players


1 thought on “Life Is Strange: Episode 2 Xbox One review”
  1. I discovered Life is Strange after watching PewDiePie’s playthrough and the gameplay already made me interested. I usually look forward into interactive games such as Beyond: Two Souls (too bad it’s only for PS3).

    After watching the two episodes from PewDiePie, I purchased the two episodes from the Xbox Store and played them. There is a lot to criticize, such as the lip syncing, but the storyline made me stick to this game.

    I saved Kate Marsh! (ohh the spoiler). I’m already looking forward for Episode 3, which is said to be released within the next few weeks.

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