Will you put all the pieces together?Hidden object, puzzle games, are an achievement hunters’ friend, they also provide a nice little get away, from the usual session that a gamer may have, on a more adventurous title. You kind of know what you’re getting into.

I happen to love Hidden object, I can get the kids involved, as we work our way through the puzzles, unlocking items, and working out what comes next. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to invite your partner into your world of gaming, a nice relaxing title, that can get the brain working, with enough of a story flowing through out to keep you engaged.

Artifex Mundi seem to have a knack in bringing these Hidden object puzzle games to consoles, and the developer Brave Giant Studios have a real talent in producing Action & adventure in this genre. Brave Giant Studios, like to develop games, that can be picked up and played throughout the world, delivering unique, exciting games with their story telling and gameplay.

Noir Chronicles: City of Crime is an interesting take on days past of crime fighting, Private eye style you attach the badge, open your note book, and jump into a private eye’s shoes by the of Alfred Fox’s. Alfred Fox is a P.I. like no other with a special skill set of trouble following where ever he goes.

At the start of the game You take a call from an old lover by the name of Barbara Le Purr, and you throw yourself into the mix to confront the danger that has concerned your old flame.

Using your Private eye intuition, and your own investigation techniques, its up to you to follow the clues, and put the pieces together, and face head on the dangers of crime fighting, which often involve making difficult decisions which can lead to some awkward consequences.

After receiving the call for help, you weren’t counting on it to lead to the most difficult investigation of your life.

The blast from the past affair, will leave you in awkward place, with nowhere to run as you answer questions sourced from your love affair.

Your task is to use the clues that you come across through the story, pull the strings together, gather the evidence, and figure out whether it was the beauty of the smart femme fatale, or Barbara’s journalistic background that may have led her to dig just a little too deep.

As Alfred Fox, your objective throughout is to find Barbara’s stalker, figure out the motive, and work out who just might be the top dog of the underground in the vibrant, yet very dangerous city.

“The puzzle’s in the game are varied, some fairly simple, others needing a little intuition to crack.”

Noir Chronicles: City of Crime, is very much a mature and passionate story adventure game, inspired by film noir, its story is well written and has a cloak and danger style, that draws you in, as you look to solve the puzzle’s and progress through the story.

Like most hidden object puzzle games, the controls are laid out well, with a lovely interactive tutorial, through the first part of the game, to set you on your way. The scenes are drawn nicely, full of detail, with a wonderful use of textures and colour bringing the game to life, thus helping to create the world of a private eye and set the tone of the story throughout.

The puzzle’s in the game are varied, some fairly simple, others needing a little intuition to crack. The story makes use of the hidden object game’s nicely, and there is a really good investigation style puzzle, as you reveal the story in a diary format, and through photos. There’re questions to answer, and even a chance to throw a few fisty cuffs.

Noir Chronicles, diary and map feature works really well, giving you an aid and a little recap, in your investigation, helping you to stay on track and perhaps pick up where you left off. The Map feature is well designed, enabling you to travel to different locations quickly, and there is as always, the help option, as there is in all hidden object puzzle games, to point you in the right direction if you get stuck.

I enjoyed Noir chronicles, having played many game’s like this in terms of its genre, I thought the story was nicely told, the puzzles were nicely thought out and different. It kept me on my toes, wanting to progress. The only downside to hidden object puzzle games as whole is, the length of time to complete. Noir Chronicles: City of Crime, being short.

CX Score
  • 62%
    Overall - 62%



  • Varied Puzzles
  • Decent Story telling
  • Good use of colour


  • Controls clunky
  • Too short

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