Hands up if you have ever had a go on a wire loop game? You know where you must get the metal loop to the end without touching the sides and setting off the buzzer…. just about everyone, right? Well the talented team at Dark-1 have taken that concept and made a fun 21st century version, that is addictive as hell.

The team at Dark-1 are all about fun and developing games that puts enjoyment at the very core. Odium To the core is an excellent example, of what can happen when you form a group of liked minded devs, with a passion for making fun energetic games. It’s hard to believe that the group started out as a game jam group, testing out their game development skills, bravo I say.

I have developed a love for indie titles over the years, and Odium To the Core is exactly what an indie title needs to be, fun, fast, engaging, energetic, and most importantly addictive – if you can’t keep the player coming back, then what’s the point.

Odium To the core is a music based, side -scrolling game. A very challenging experience, with a stunning use of monochromatic art, mixed with wonderful colours. The game has an excellent pick up and play attitude, that anyone could get to grips with. The controls are so simplistic, that you only use just one single button on the controller, so there is really no excuse for getting involved and experience the joyful fun, that is on offer here.

The basis of the game is to guide the character Odium through an adventurous level packed with dangerous obstacles and traps, to what is quite frankly an awesome pumping fuelled level, muscly wise. The goal to all of this, reach the core and save the world, to fight the good fight against the spread of corruption that is running rife throughout.

Odium To the core comprises of two game modes, the standard game, and the self-explanatory Endless mode.

The standard game is side-scrolling fun at its best, addictive, yet simplistic. A game that keeps you coming back for more, as you try to better your previous effort.

The game has 15 levels, which build in terms of difficulty. The first level is more of a tutorial, as you learn the mechanics of the game, the aim, how to deal with obstacles, and most importantly how the music throughout the game changes and molds the shape of your play.

Rhythm is important in this game, but not essential, so if you’re like me, who has no rhythm at all, you will survive, I promise.

As you flow through levels, you will gradually notice how the pumping music has an influence on your timing and the level’s mechanics. The change in key to the jungle drum and base, affects the level design, forcing a change of camera style. One minute your zoomed in close, the next the screen fades out. As the music changes, the angle of the screen becomes more tilted, requiring some quick action in button management.

In Odium To the core there are 3 objectives for each level, an orb collection target, a score target, and a secrets total. If you mange to achieve any of their objectives set out in a level, then you will unlock either a new skin for Odium, or a piece of the story cinematic, which can be played from the main menu.

The score system and the game’s mechanics flow fluently together. Guide Odium through the level, holding the button to go up, and then releasing to go down. Although the controls may seem easy to learn, they are indeed very hard to master.

“The levels are filled with obstacles to distract you, and traps to catch you out, as you battle through trying to avoid hitting the sides of the levels.”

Your score is amassed by how Odium glides, the less you use the button, the higher the score. Fly through orbs, and your points tally builds nicely. As you play through, you will quickly begin to understand that you must move smoothly through the levels, which becomes rather satisfying when you pull it off, and very frustrating when it all goes to pot.

The levels are filled with obstacles to distract you, and traps to catch you out, as you battle through trying to avoid hitting the sides of the levels. If you come unstuck, there are checkpoints throughout, however these check points do become few and far between as you progress through the levels, building the concentration and frustration which go hand in hand.

I really enjoyed playing Odium To the Core, it’s one of those games that has a high level of replayability. It’s a game that just flows, as does time. So, five minutes will quickly become twenty, then an hour if you’re not careful. It’s fun yet simplistic, the level design is fantastic and the music throughout…. well just put a pair of headphones on, crank up the volume and have fun.

CX Score
  • 82%
    Overall - 82%



  • Level design
  • Addictive Pick up and Play
  • Soundtrack


  • Frustrating
  • Not enough checkpoints

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