Phantom Fury tells the story of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison as she’s back in action. Years after her showdown with Jadus Heskel, Harrison is pulled out of a coma by an old colleague. Armed with her new bionic arm, she’s tasked into journeying around the USA in order to secure the legendary Demon Core artifact.

Phantom Fury is an old school FPS straight out of the 1990s. Each level requires the player to accomplish a set of objectives as you fight your way to the end of the level. As you progress through the game, as with any FPS title, you’ll pick up a decent arsenal of weaponry (20 in total) to get help you get through the waves of enemy soldiers and undead.

One of Shelly’s unique characteristic is her bionic arm which allows players to punch through specific things such as air vents to crawl around into and box crates for some ammo. You can also punch enemies but your arm has a brief cooldown period after each use so you can’t willy-nilly punch everything forever.

As you explore levels, you’ll find additional ammo, health and shield giving you an additional layer of protection. You’ll also be able to find specific station to upgrade Shelly’s skillset; for example you can unlock a skill where your bionic arm creates a temporary shield to block bullets or when you have armor, our heroine has a small boost in terms of weapon reloading.

The game looks great. The old school/pixelated, N64 inspired visuals is a breath of fresh air in a genre where realism seems to reign supreme. Each area has its own unique design, despite each level having a darker/drab color palette. The soundtrack is an enjoyable, if not forgettable, 80s synthwave inspired score that also has some Terminator inspired tunes.

As you’d expect, by today’s standards, an FPS that has 1990s inspiration will have a few shortcomings. First being you can’t aim down your gun for more precise aiming. It’s also a where do I go kind of game; nothing is obviously pointed out/highlighted to guide you so you have to explore to figure out how to proceed.

There’s also a few bits of platforming; but as I’ve said in the past, platforming.does.not.belong in the first person shooter genre. The weapon wheel is also very clunky to use; holding LB brings up two weapon wheels, one for each joystick. It’s incredibly counter-intuitive and unlike most games of the genre, you can’t thrown grenades when holding a gun; you need to choose the grenade as your primary weapon and throw it.

Phantom Fury is a fun throwback to classic shooters from the 1990s. It’s action packed with a decent variety of weapons at the player’s disposal to create a bit of chaos. While the core gameplay is enjoyable, it’s the few things around it such as the piss-poor weapon wheel, lack of aiming and the true to the classic formula: where do I go type of gameplay. If you can get over these like quirks, you’ll find a fun, challenging and fast paced shooter.

  • 85%
    CX Score - 85%



  • Great homage to classic FPS games
  • Decent variety of weaponry


  • Where the f*ck do I go?
  • Clunky and counter-intuitive weapon wheel
  • Platforming… *sigh*

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