Get your funky Chicken on! The talented team at Holmade Games bring their groovy bullet hell game Purple Chicken Spaceman to land of green, and it’s a funky little number.

Purple Chicken Spaceman is a cartoon 2D space shooter, with the main aim to dodge all obstacles in the way as you take flight through space. Purple Chicken features a rather spirited soundtrack, that will certainly get in your head and make you smile.

Earth is quite simply under attack from little green men in their flying saucers, and our only hope is funky purple chicken with a fishbowl for a space helmet.

Yes…. you take the role of Purple Chicken Spaceman, as you look to save the world. The odds are stacked against you as you fly through space dodging and shooting everything that moves. Can you really guide this plucky chicken, in this colourful adventure and put an end to the alien invasion?

Purple Chicken Spaceman is a clever little shooter, capturing tight gameplay, with seemingly endless waves populated by some interesting cartoon-like characters, from flying centipede-like aliens to your classic UFOs.

The action is fast paced, as you look to dodge the alien’s firepower, and clear a set number of enemies before facing a boss battle, to progress to the next area.

The level designs are bright and colourful as you would expect with a cartoon style adventure. The movement on-screen also remains frantic and challenging.

“This is no ordinary chicken shooter, as you come to terms that the game has some real balls and is extremely challenging.”

From first impressions, Purple Chicken Spaceman is a promising effort in the space shoot ‘em up field, with a quirky style and a catchy theme tune that flows throughout.

Fast forward a bit and you realise that this is no ordinary chicken shooter, as you come to terms that the game has some real balls and is extremely challenging. Too challenging will cross your mind at this point!

However, stick with the funky chicken and you will soon get the hang of the zany action. Figuring out that in order to progress you are indeed going to die and die again.

Upon each play, it becomes apparent that there are power ups to collect, in the form of an extra life, a shield and bombs. These power ups roll over to your next playthrough, so the more you collect, the more beneficial it will be when you put them to work.

Strategy comes into play too, as you not only look to dodge and return the aliens fire. You plot and figure out the best time to use your shields and bombs, for the ideal run through to the boss at the end of the round.

Purple Chicken Spaceman is full of fantastically themed worlds. Flooded with rich and vibrant colours, the levels are wonderfully created, and the cartoon styled graphics will be adored by those of all ages.

Accessibility is also considered by the game’s controls, which are easy to get to grips with, as the action’s very fluid and responsive. Making this a perfect pick up and play title, and although the game is addictive, it’s just as much frustrating. So please remember to keep hold of the controller.

The Soundtrack is quite simply mad, fantastic at times, crazy at best, but will also have you scratching your head, as when you try to shut your eyes for bed, the theme tune starts playing over and over in your head…… purple chicken, purple chicken, purple chicken spaceman……aarrrgghhh!

The game is extremely challenging, and just when you think you’ve cracked it and reach the boss at the end of the wave, a giant Cat appears with devil laser eyes and wipes you out without breaking a sweat.

Purple Chicken Spaceman is rather unique with its crazy attitude and offers a modern take on a game with classic shoot ‘em up gameplay. It’s fast and furious, but just as much frustrating and addictive. It definitely has that one more go vibe about it, I just feel the game is too challenging for its own good.

CX Score
  • 52%
    Overall - 52%



  • Nice modern Approach
  • Bright and colourful
  • Addictive


  • Lacks Substance
  • Difficulty too high
  • Not enough lives

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