As gamers we strive to play games that offer gameplay at it’s very best. We crave diversity and originality; we get bored of the same old tried and trusted formulas very quickly these days.

Don’t get me wrong, as a gamer I love all games, but we all crave something that stands out from the crowd, in terms of the previous game we played, whether that be in the same genre or a complete unique game that you have never experienced, offering new ideas, challenges and story play.

Billy Goat Entertaiment Ltd, have the answer to all gamers desire’s in terms of originality and a new gaming experience. So, pick up that gamepad load up Supermarket Shriek and enter the world of a kart racer like no other. Featuring an unlikely duo in an original kart racer, take the lead and embark on a journey through precarious obstacles, race and complete in dangerous challenges which are found, and take place in a wide range of shops, high end boutiques and of course supermarkets.

Supermarket Shriek is set in a near future, dystopian alternate reality universe, or so we are led to believe. The two unlikeliest heroes forge a pact, a rather nervous looking gentlemen named Billy and a Goat take a trip in order to discover something deep within themselves and Save money.

Your task, to propel these two unsung heroes using nothing but their uncontrollable screams. This unique shopping kart racer’s stupendous story mode can be played solo, or co-op and offers a mixture of original game play and standard play involving unlocking areas by gaining stars. These stars are obtained through supermarket challenges, which are incredibly daft yet very necessary to the core of the game.

Be prepared to race through the shops, and the many precious dangers that are on offer, try your hardest to make it to the checkout in the quickest time possible. Be prepared to risk it all, as you drift round the corners of the isles using nothing but scream and shriek power, and don’t forget to hang on, your lives depend on it. The Story in Supermarket Shriek is just pure nuts, but the excitement is very real, and I promise this fun kart racer will have you in stitches as you pull off the most remarkable shopping trolley stunts all for those extra stars that will unlock the next area and next part of the story.

The game features an original control system, use your thumbs on the trigger buttons of the controllers to turn and thrust yourselves forward all at the same time. One trigger button steers you one way, the other in the opposite direction. Push both triggers together, and your screaming voices catapult you forward, it’s all good fun and requires a lot of coordination, but I swear it’s just pure hilarious mayhem and fits the game fantastically well.

Besides the Story mode, why not dust off a couple of old usb microphones if you have them and try out the “Duet” mode, give your thumbs a rest and let your voices do the talking, This mode represents a chance to Harmonise and avoid being pulverised in a mode that will have your neighbours wondering what the heck is going on. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a bonus mode which includes 2-8 player party goodness, just please remember to act your age.

Supermarket Shriek is a blast, its wacky story mode is crafted perfectly, and optimises fun, be that as a single player or as duo in the co-op levels. The visuals are rich with colour, setting the tone for a vibrant experience full of life. The challenges on offer in the story mode relate to racing a shopping kart around the stores in the quickest time possible, and by any means necessary. It really is a joy to be hold once you figure out how to get the best from the rather different control mechanism.

The game boasts 32 single player modes, each with their changeable backdrops, offering different experiences and obstacles.

Supermarket Shriek is fresh, exciting and energetic all at the same time, offering something completely new. Add to that the hilarious Duet microphone control mode, and you really do have a conversation starter that won’t just break the ice, you’ll have next door banging on the door, wanting to see what all the excitement is about. With online leaderboards, downloadable ghosts, and an 8 player party mode, and it’s hard to see how you won’t enjoy this experience, certainly one to try (available on xbox Game Pass).

CX Score
  • 76%
    Overall - 76%



  • Hard to put down
  • Packed with energetic excitement
  • Something for everyone


  • Control system needs coordination
  • Might be too noisy

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