Undead Horde has been out a few months, after spending 1.5 years in development the studio behind the game, 10tons Ltd have finally produced the goods. Now’s your chance to get your hands on the game and become a necromancer and raise the dead to do your evil bidding.

Undead Horde is a necromancer simulator with action RPG and RTS elements in one complete undead package. Wreak havoc, as you command your raised army awakened from the ground. Order them to loot and fight their way through the lands of living. Have them do what you please, or get dirty and join your horde, as you look to claim back the kingdom, even if that means everyone must perish, should they stand in your way.

You’re a necromancer, a re-animator of the dead. Re-animate almost any enemy and a-mass an army of undead minions. Take the lead and command your newly formed war machine to attack and plunder the living and their village. The goal to all this violence? To reign supreme throughout the kingdom of course!! And that means claiming King Palain Benevictor’s head on a silver platter!

Undead Horde features basic ARPG elements: fighting, looting, equipment, spellcasting, quests and the adrenaline of pure adventure. These key components are mixed with necromancy, meaning you re-animate as many enemies as possible, so long as they fit within your command cap.

Your re-animated minions act as a protective shield for your necromancer’s health. Once your horde is depleted, you are left exposed to your enemy’s attacks. These enemies will swarm all over you should you give them the chance, and can become very aggressive, leaving no room for manoeuvre.

In your roll as Necromancer, it’s up to you to keep your army in check. Regroup, or attack are your actions, as you order the horde with the direction pointed by your thumbstik. Hopefully from this you will gather the controllers are fairly straightforward. Command your horde by the press of a button, hack and slash with another. The ease of the controls helps simplify the game, as there is a lot going on with in the world of a Necromancer. After all it’s not just slaining enemies, there’s a whole deadly world out the filled with creatures and creepy crawlies including giant scorpions.

Undead Horde presents an opportunity to not just horde souls, as you embark on an adventure with lots to gather, The game represents a bit of a treasure hunt with trinkets and magical items to discover and use at your own will, and of course there a plenty of weapons to pick up along the way too. All this found loot aids your character’s progression, thus helping to level up and upgrade the necromancer abilities to the stuff of nightmares. The option to sell and trade with the many various merchants throughout the vast kingdom, is a fantastic addition, the possibilities are endless.

“Undead horde is a smooth cross between Medieval and Overlord.”

Visually the game has a distinct style and look. Using Palette mapped objects, overlaid with detailed textures and dynamic shadows to achieve the right balance for the look of the game. The graphical approach is on point, considering the nature of the environment, simple, attractive and very effective.

Overall, Undead horde is a smooth cross between Medieval and Overlord, offered at a stunning price. The controls are fantastic, the graphical layout and world design compliment each other perfectly. Re-animating is a lot of fun, as is deploying your horde and plundering the villages. The Gameplay is simple and very effective, the RPG elements and upgrade options are implemented wonderfully well helping to create a title that will keep you coming back for more. The only thing the game is missing, besides online play, is a real atmospheric approach.


CX Score
  • 77%
    Overall - 77%



  • Fun to play
  • Effective controls
  • Fantastic RPG elements


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • No online elements
  • Lack of atmosphere on levels

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