Windows 10 is officially here and I think it’s safe to say it has impressed many. Not only does the new operating system make things function all that little bit easier and crisper. But the biggest news is gaming on Xbox One is becoming better.

For one, you can now do so much more with Windows 10 on your PC, including streaming your Xbox One games through your computer. Your partner might want to watch TV when you want to shoot some people up on Call of Duty – well that’s now possible with game streaming. You can select a quality based upon your connection – if you use wireless connections it’s probably best switching it down to low. The streaming was pretty good with a slight delay at first, but that was probably down to my settings at the time. I tried it again today and it works like a dream. This will only get better in the future surely with a possibility of playing Windows games on Xbox One.

Windows 10 also opens up cross-platform gameplay. You may remember playing Shadowrun against PC players when Vista released. So the operating system wasn’t great, but the gameplay was pretty fun with more players getting involved, even if it meant PC players were very often kicking ass against console players.

You can also play Windows games on your PC and earn achievements, much like you could already on your smartphone and computer before. Who doesn’t want more Gamerscore after all? And the fact that you’ve got party chat for both Xbox One and PC users to hang out and talk can only mean Windows 10 is here to form a strong partnership with the Xbox One.

Cloud-based games could also benefit from Windows 10, with more games like Forza Motorsport using Drivatars, storing this information using Windows 10 could work like a dream. It will be interesting to see how the Xbox One works alongside Windows 10, but we think there’s a beautiful thing to come from it.


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