Today’s the big day when we see an announcement regarding Fallout 4. Well we hope it’s that, after what was teased yesterday. We thought it would be good to sit down and come up with some of our own ideas for Fallout 4.

Here’s what we have:


Better script writing and characters you can engage with, characters you’ll grow fond of or even make an enemy of. We want to see characters who will pop by to visit you often and count on you for a favour, whilst you can do the same better. Short on supplies, no worries, as your new friend will allow you to pop by and grab some supplies from a select cache. Take from houses though and that’s stealing.


Scrap houses, what about an entire town? Your actions shape how your town forms, for example you might stumble across a merchant in trouble in the wasteland. Help them out and you can invite them back to your town, providing a supply of goods for your people. It will also be your job to make the decisions, so do you send a crew of guys to check out a nearby gas station or do you sit and wait for something good to come your way. You effectively become the sheriff in town and you’ll also have your own house to customise and fill with your precious trophies. You’ll also be able to ally with nearby towns for additional supplies by completing missions for that town and becoming a friend. The possibilities are endless here, but something Bethesda could really pick up on as a winner if they do so.


New enemy tyres enter the fray, ranging in strengths and weaknesses. Combat needs to become more challenging and maybe taking a leaf out of The Witcher 3’s book might help that – as creatures had various weaknesses and there was always a strategy to dealing with certain enemies. Make it a combat system where experience and knowledge counts more than anything, no matter how good your weapons are. Obviously you still want to be able to dispatch of the smaller enemies quickly though.

Locations and DLC

Diversify locations by giving them plenty of intrigue and mystery. Make a cavern lead to an underground war base or even a lighthouse. Bethesda really need to think outside the box with this one, just like they did with Fallout: New Vegas. Downloadable content also needs to offer plenty of variety and instead of going down the themed route of zombies etc, try aiming for a strong storyline. A story needs to be told in an interesting way and location set, so why not add completely new regions to the map, even if that means the DLC will cost more.

What do you want to see in Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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