E3 2015 is only the time you can sit back and enjoy a spectacle of video games right in front of your own eyes. The new titles shown and the promotion behind each title. There’s merchandise and marketing activity all to wet our appetites. When was the last time you saw an event without freebies and awesome special effects. Each show requires careful planning and passion in order to contribute towards a successful E3 presentation. Be engaging and keep the audience interested in what you’re saying.

There’s nothing worse than being bombarded with facts without letting the gameplay show more. Call of Duty are great at doing this every year, with a 10 minute gameplay section used to introduce the new title in the franchise. Finding the balance is quite simple, as at the end of the day, gameplay speaks louder than words. We also like to see an exclusive offer at the end right? A timed exclusive or some DLC only for a specific console. It’s nice to feel special.

Sometimes sequenced gameplay sections don’t play out too well either. A good example being The Division at last year’s show, which used three employees to show off the game in a scripted section of the game. The communication between the three players didn’t seem natural and it was almost like watching a cut-scene with the scripted dialogue.

What do you look for in an E3 presentation?

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