Microsoft has confirmed backwards compatibility for the Xbox One. Although limited to just 21 titles at first, it is hoped that this will extend to much of the Xbox 360’s catalogue of games. Is it a feature we really need right now though?

Recently we’ve seen a lot of titles released again for Xbox One as remastered editions such as Gears of War and Tomb Raider, so it’s quite surprising to see backwards compatibility offered when developers are still looking to release their titles again with extra content or improved visuals. Personally, I’m pretty tired of seeing these remastered editions now, so the one good thing to come from this announcement could be less of these remastered editions releasing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a sense of nostalgia playing old titles again, but if I want to play on my 360 titles, I’d rather wait for the backwards compatible feature. I don’t really want to play a title from 4 or 5 years ago with some added content, whilst playing around £30-40. Now if they offered the title for free if you owned it before, that would make more sense to me. You’ve shown your loyalty buying the game, now reward the customer back with a tribute to the title. I’m looking forward to Gears of War: Remastered, but the price will deter me from buying it, especially since I invested heavily into all the DLC across three Gears of War titles.

Backwards compatibility is a great feature to have on the Xbox One, as it will certainly improve console sales, as 360 owners might upgrade, knowing they can play their beloved 360 favourites, whilst playing the new and up-to-date Xbox One titles. It will largely boil down to what 360 titles they can offer, as I doubt they’ll do every title. I still have Xbox Original titles I can’t play on my Xbox 360. As for these remastered editions, it sometimes feels like a waste of time and a ploy just to make an extra bit of a cash, rather than a tribute to such a great franchise.

What do you think about remastered editions of 360 games? Are you looking forward to playing your 360 titles on the Xbox One?

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