Consoles numbers have rapidly started to grow over the past ten years, as it’s a no hassle solution to gaming. Many of us have gaming PCs too, but you’ll understand that whilst it can costly, it can also be time consuming researching the various components you want. That’s something consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 have tackled head on. Giving an easy option for gamers to buy some hardware and play a game straight away.

It’s also an even battlefield with consoles. Players generally won’t get better frames on consoles, unless you’re using an external hard drive of course, as that frees up space on the internal one. The greatest battle for consoles is always the hardware, with such a wide range available and both Microsoft and Sony tinkering with their consoles, there’s a mix reaction to both. The Xbox One has struggled with its hardware since it launched, with many games struggling to run smoothly at 1080p and 60fps.

Sony grabbed hold of exclusive rights to Black Ops 3’s DLC first this time around, with Microsoft surrendering its long-standing deal with Activision. There’s a constant battle for exclusive rights, particularly for DLC, as most games are releasing on a variety of platforms now.

Where do you see the console battle heading with Sony conquering the Japanese market and much of the world? Do you think Microsoft stand a chance of coming back?

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