ID@Xbox is providing quite the platform of late with some cracking titles being released, offering small time developers the chance to showcase their talents to the world. 2Bad Games is a one-man band and proves what can be done if you follow your dreams. Starting off as a hobby, and seeing what can be produced for fun. This game has turned this developer’s world upside and down. 2Bad Games now a full-time studio has created 2URVIVE, built from the ground up and all by one person, that’s game, music, graphics, code and animations, and all I can say is wow! Quite simply breathtaking stuff. A perfect example of what can be achieved if you are dedicated and inspired by the gaming industry, sticking to the challenges and overcoming them.

2URVIVE is a traditional top-down style shooter featuring tactical and strategic elements in a zombie infected world. The game combines storytelling with a wave format. Prepare yourself as you look to wipe out the oncoming zombies and complete the objectives of the current narrative. Take advantage of the weapon crates and upgrade your arsenal by purchasing new weapons and grenades, as you look to take the upper hand, be that with extra fire power, reload speed, or ammo capacity.

Put your newly obtained ammunition to the test, as you discover the challenges that 2URVIVE possess, with each wave frighteningly more dangerous than the previous, as are the infected themselves.

The storyline in 2URVIVE is your classic world is devastated by a virus theme. Your aim, to survive the terrifying ever-changing world and its dangers, as you look to defend yourself against the many hordes of infected zombies looking to eat your brains.

Fight to the end as you look to prolong the inevitable demise that only the infected and there ever growing numbers will bring, the end is near, but you might as well go out all guns blazing, as you fight to the bitter end.

2URVIVE Features

  • 3 Different game modes (2URVIVE, 28 days before, Mercenaries)
  • 2 Player local co-op for all modes
  • 13 Narrative episodes (with different areas and objectives)
  • 10 Weapons (shotgun, flamethrowers, rocket launchers and many more)
  • 10 Enemy types (walker, runner, colossus, dog, zero, amongst others)

“This game has it all in terms of a well thought out wave shooter, that mixes things up to keep the player coming back for more.”

2URVIVE is an action packed game, that keeps you on your toes, the story elements flow nicely between the oncoming waves, and the variation used in terms of objectives are a nice touch, with fill your fuel segments, dodge the mine field, as you drive the car through a dangerous situation with the chance to drive over a few zombies on the way. And no zombie wave shooter game wouldn’t be complete without your standard on slog of enemies, and the odd boss fight here and there. This game has it all in terms of a well thought out wave shooter, that mixes things up to keep the player coming back for more.

The backdrops and areas are well designed with plenty of changes, and points that act as cover, and often as a hindrance, as the horde become overwhelming and look to trap you into a corner.

The colours are bright and vibrant, which compliment the pixelated graphics brilliantly – the gore that spills out and the explosions all add to the pace of the game, as does the soundtrack which really does help set the mood and atmosphere of the game.

2URVIVE’s game modes offer variety and replayabiltiy alongside the 2-player co-op action which works effortlessly. The game is packed with firepower, with a whole host of different weapons and grenade features, which aid the play as things get hairy real quick, with the ever-growing horde stalking you and looking to hunt you down. The gameplay itself is addictive, fun and easy to pick up and play, the controls suit the game style and offer a chance for some excellent couch play fun, as you form a duo and look to clean house.


Overall 2URVIVE is an interesting title, combining lots of elements to what is a bang up to date top down shooter. The story is brilliant, the adversary choice whilst not original is very appealing in the form of zombies, and the mood and atmosphere is captured fantastically. 2URVIVE flows delightfully well and is a perfect fit for couch play fun on the sofa with another player, but just as thrilling on your own. Not only that, but it’s stunning and will keep you coming back for more. I’m just struggling to come to terms with the fact that it was produced by just one person, astonishing!

CX Score
  • 78%
    Overall - 78%



  • Flows well
  • Addictive as hell to play
  • Lovely variation in gameplay


  • No online play
  • Story lacks originality (nit picking)

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