Simplicity, Art Deco, and Jigsaw puzzle fun, that’s what Digerati bring to the Table with Glass Masquerade Origins.

If you’re a sophisticated gamer that likes to sit back, relax, enjoy a puzzle, appreciate fine art, and maybe enjoy a glass of wine at the same time, then look no further this game is for you.

Glass Masquerade Origins is a simple game inspired by Art Deco and the wonderful art that is often hidden in Stained Glass. This Artistic puzzle game pays homage to the wonderfully gifted stained-glass artisans of the 20th century.

The game is set at the ‘International Times Exhibition’ an interactive electronic show case of Art. Your job is to place puzzle pieces of hidden stain glass in the correct positions with inside a clock to unveil a truly breath-taking masterpiece, the artwork on off in this game is truly out of this world.


There are 25 countries to visit in the game, each with there own Exhibit showcasing the very best their country has to offer in Art Deco stain-glass art. Each work of art is heavily influenced by the country’s heritage.

As you start each exhibit, the puzzle has the option to give you a hint as to where the first piece’s go, highlighted in red, with little gold rings as an indicator where these puzzle’s pieces rest, after this it’s over to you.

The International Time’s museum’s interactive works exhibits very in terms of difficulty, with each country’s exhibit offering a star ratting for difficulty. Each clock you encounter is rather unique, in the way that it looks. It’s not always as straight forward as finding straight edge’s or circular shapes as offered in conventional jigsaw style games.

Each puzzle shape starts off as a silhouette on two sets of rings that follow around the clock which is centred in the middle of the screen. The rings can be rotated if required, and once a tile is clicked on, the shape rotates in to the correct position, and the art work reviled for that particular shape.

The game plays well, with its unique style. The atmosphere is set with its relaxing music score throughout, offering a sense of adventure and suspense, as you find the telling puzzle piece that brings the Art together, offering you the chance to take in and appreciate what is truly on offer here.

The menu and the world map are wonderfully created. The level designs are all unique and there has been a real thought process in what to include in the game art wise.

The game’s puzzles are mostly locked at the start of play and are unlocked as you complete the locations exhibits that are on offer. Glass Masquerade is entirely played at your own pace, so as longs as you complete the puzzle, another will unlock.

At the top of each exhibit is a handy tracker in terms of how many pieces the puzzle contains and your current progress.

True to the game’s art, the colours throughout are diverse, rich and vibrant, but soft and subtle in places.

Glass Masquerade Origins, is challenging at times, and a thing of real beauty. The game has that sit back, relax and chill feel. The game’s mix of Art deco and stain-glass artwork is refreshing and complements each other perfectly.

Glass Masquerade has plenty to offer with the amount of artwork to unveil, however I feel had the game added a time scenario to its puzzle designs, with gold, silver and bronze trophies, and also a leaderboard of times achieved around the world, then that would have added to the game and offered a little more of accomplishment for the player.

CX Score
  • 62%
    Overall - 62%



  • Art Deco
  • Unique style
  • Good use of colours


  • Lack of leaderboards
  • Puzzles not timed
  • Repetitive

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