I’ve always been a fan of the LEGO video games from TT Games, and LEGO Marvel Avengers couldn’t be any more ideal in terms of what a fan wants to see take the LEGO transition. The Avengers doesn’t just follow the two films, but also crosses over into Iron Man 3, both Captain America movies and Thor: The Dark World. It’s a classical take on these films, but how enjoyable is it?

I guess the biggest allure of this game is that it ties all these films into one game, rather than making an individual title for each movie. The stories are transitioned wonderfully and the game also features its own free roam city to explore until your hearts content. Not only that, but it also has plenty of side quests and collectibles, which we’ve become accustomed to in the more recent LEGO games.

Captain America
Captain America will save the day.

I loved playing as each Avenger and utilising their own unique abilities and there’s not one character that feels the same. Sure, both Iron Man and Thor can fly, but you’ve got Thor’s hefty hammer for ranged attacks, whilst Iron Man has his powerful chest beam to tear apart foes. Each of these characters have been captured from the films almost identically and there’s nothing more satisfying than smashing vehicles and enemies with the Hulk’s rage.

There are also additional characters to unlock from the Marvel universe, which if you’re a Marvel fan like myself, it’s a joy to behold. I just hope TT Games intends to produce more universe games. It’s about time we saw some TV shows like The Walking Dead get the LEGO treatment.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Thor
Don’t mess with Thor and his hammer.

LEGO Marvel Avengers is definitely more for the completionist though, as there are a tonne of things to collect and complete in order to 100 per cent the title. I remember playing on LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga and playing through it multiple times just to complete it all and that’s no different to this. That’s not to say you’ll have a blast on Marvel Avengers, but you’ll definitely be wanting to play it for many hours to get the most out of it.

It’s safe to say LEGO games aren’t for everyone and I think you have to have a light sense of humour to enjoy these titles. Marvel Avengers picks up on the funny parts of these films and portrays them in the classical LEGO way we’ve witnessed many times before. They usually deliver a chuckle, even for the adults.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed LEGO Marvel Avengers and found myself playing it a lot after work, especially for its relaxing and humorous LEGO fun. I’d not only recommend this for kids, but also adults, as a lot of these films are most likely ones you’ve watched many times and enjoyed and playing it in a video game felt unique and refreshing.


  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Comical moments from the films retold in LEGO format
  • Couch co-op fun


  • Not for everyone
  • Once finished only appeals to completionists





CX Score
  • 78%
    CX Score - 78%
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