Another day and another 10-year deal being sealed by Microsoft.

Today they announced that they have agreed on a deal that will see Xbox Game Studios PC tiles and of course, Activision Blizzard titles, should Microsoft’s acquisition deal go through, come to Ubitus – a cloud gaming provider.

Unlike GeForce NOW and Boosteroid, who also have both recently inked a deal with Microsoft, Ubitus is a white label could gaming provider, that uses its technology to help 3rd parties deliver their own cloud gaming solutions. Most notably they have helped bring various cloud-based games to Nintendo Switch, these include Resident Evil 7, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy and Hitman 3.  It seems that Ubitus has built itself a large portfolio of game titles that it then uses to strike deals with these 3rd party companies to help them deliver their own cloud-based gaming platforms and services.

This deal is another move from Microsoft to try and help get their acquisition of Activision Blizzard rubber-stamped by regulators. It would not surprise me if we say more deals be announced in the coming weeks. Only time will tell if these deals will be enough to help sway the EU, CMA and possibly the FTC to allow the deal to pass.


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